One-Touch Folding Type Power Handle Knob Power Handle Spinner Car Steering Wheel Vehicle(Black) KAZALEE MALL

$ 14 81

Product Description

  • Color: black & Brown , Weight: 150g, Size: 63 (w) * 75 (h)mm
  • Made in Korea Material: ABS, metal, synthetic leather
  • One - touch folding method Power handle wheel spinner
  • Rapid hand-ringing during parking or U-turn
  • The pillars of the body are high, and the fingers do not pinch at the time of running even if they are wrapped and held by hand

■ It has excellent durability by inserting the metal ball bearings and fixing the handles firmly
■ It is possible to rotate smoothly with little effort on the hand of the runner at the time of running
■ The rotation radius is small, I have enjoyed a good reputation from beginners and female drivers.

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