Abrams Blaster Emergency Vehicle LED Hideaway/Surface Mount Strobe Warning Light - Amber/White

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:Blaster 120 Series


Product Description

  • Certified SAE J845 Class 1 & SAE J578 for Amber, Blue, Red, & White. Meets California Title 13 Class B with Amber, Blue, & Red.
  • Each unit contains 6, 4 watt 5th Generation LEDs with great heat sink management for long life span.
  • Built in flasher with 18+ selectable flash combinations, sync-able between multiple units.
  • Completely Waterproofed, Strong fog penetrability and dust-proof and corrosion resistant.
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere, into a housing reflector, bumper, or onto a surface. - Black flange, Foam back piece, and Installation Manual included.

The Blaster 6 LED hide away is the first of its kind. With a newly designed 120 Degree optics, the resulting emergency vehicle strobe warning light is brighter and more compact than its predecessor. This versatile LED hideaway unit can be used for surface mounting or internal mount within composite head light, tail light, and various other light assemblies. In addition to being composed of 5th Generation LED's with 360 Degree optics lenses, having 18+ selectable flash patterns, synchronization function between multiple units, this LED light head is guaranteed to increase the visibility of all emergency response vehicles.

Interchangeable/Compatible with:
All automobiles and devices equipped with a 10 to 30 Volt DC power source.

Product Features:
Each unit consists of 6, 4W 5th Generation high intensity LEDs.
Built in flasher - no external flasher needed.
18+ select-able flash combinations.
Last pattern memory recall.
Easily replaces traditional hideaway strobe with existing 1” hole.
Synchronization between multiple units and with other products such as Grill Lights, Dash & Deck Lights & Beacon.
Versatile application with surface mounting design and internal mounting within light assemblies.
Compactly sized to fit almost anywhere on the vehicle.
Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting (not submersible).
Built in heat sink.
Black flange included for surface mounting.

Product Content:
1 x Blaster 6 LED Hide-A-Way Strobe
1 x Black Flange
1 x Gasket
Owner’s Manual

Dimension: 1 1/2' Diameter (Base) / 1” Diameter (Bulb) x 1-1/8’ H ( 3.81cm / 2.54cm x 2.86cm)
Input Current @ 12V/24V: mA - 360mA/25mA - 180mA

5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty – Lifetime Customer Support!

Customer reviews(127)

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Shawn H.
April 14, 2015
these are nice BUT these are only 6 bulbs at 1 watt (its even printed on the instructions) these are advertised as:
Each unit contains 6 Phillips 4 Watt Super bright high-intensity LED bulbs.
larry schachtel
March 12, 2015
These light-heads are unmatched elsewhere at this price point, period. I was seeking an affordable yet SAE certified LED Hideaway light head for my POV and commonly stumbled upon $70 and up each from Brands such as Feniex & Whelen ($75) to brands such as Code 3 & Federal Signal asking $125. During my search I stumbled upon Abrams, ended up with two of these (Amber/White) and one of Abrams' siren speakers. After receiving these I only have one question - why are Whelen, Code 3, Feniex, Federal Signal and other name brands so darn expensive?

Bar none I will be ordering and recommending these light heads as much as I can. With 6, 3W LED's these boast an impressive amount of light, certainly visible and effective in daytime with great off axis thanks to the optical design. For reference - the front of my POV only has two of these light-heads (Amber/White) and an interior dual head dash light. To date I have had little to no issues in traffic with compliments from other responders that "your truck looks great" and not overdone yet effective.

Since these lights have optics on-top of the actual LEDs, it punches the light output much farther than my buddies Whelen Vertexs or Feniex Cannons. I can easily say these are the brightest hideaways currently available. Another major plus these lights have over the other major brands, these have the flasher built into the actual light head which eliminates the need of any extra or external flasher.

Keep in mind the price when considering the options on these light heads. Sure it would be nice to have a night mode and additional flash patterns however, these LED's provide an amazing bargain with substantial warning power and adequate flash patterns for any application. In my case I would highly recommend these to anybody - whether you're outfitting an agency vehicle with a higher budget or a volunteer not wanting to bust the bank; these lights are effective, tough and boast the necessities for responders.
September 29, 2015
Item was alright when it worked. Not as bright as the big names. Saying that it is six 4 watt LED's is definitely over exaggerated. Guess the wattage doesn't mean much as Whelen with six 1 watt LED's is brighter. Product stopped working and the seller cannot be reached so the 5 year warranty is also bogus.
September 19, 2016
I purchased these to replace my blue Whelen Vertex lights because my car is no longer being used for patrol. They were identical to the Whelen Vertex system, so installation was a breeze. The inline module was just a little bigger on the Abrams, but it wasn't an issue since there was plenty of clearance behind the taillight. The only thing that I could find that was a big difference was the color hue of the light output. The Whelen lights had a little bit of a blue-ish tint making the light more of a hyper white. The Abrams had more of a natural looking white output, but just as bright. If you already have the Whelen system installed and are just replacing one light or adding on to an existing system, I would suggest sticking with Whelen to keep the color output the same. On the other hand, if you need an economically feasible option, then this would be the way to go. So far I have not had any issues with these
Golan BenLulu
May 6, 2015
Brian B.
November 13, 2015
These are okay for the price. However after one handwash of the truck a few days after purchase & installation, one of these units has a small condensation spot inside the dome. The spot is still there a week later. The truck is kept in a heated garage.
Aaron Frame
March 13, 2016