Anker 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows Devices, Portable Design with Built-in Lithium Battery AK-A7733111

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Product Description

  • Stable Connection: Stable 2.4GHz wireless signal boasts a range of 26 ft. Unified nano receiver controls both devices from one USB port.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Low profile keys for smooth, whisper-quiet typing, and exceptional comfort.
  • Portable Design: Compact, lightweight keyboard and ergonomically designed mouse take up minimal space.
  • Efficient Power: Use for up to three months without charging (based on 2 hours' use per day).
  • What You Get: Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, unified nano receiver, silicone keyboard protector, USB cable (for charging), our 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

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March 4, 2018
I bought and returned 4 keyboards before finally taking the gamble on this one. The gamble finally paid off.

I am a security engineer, and I'm on my computer all day long. I type 100-120wpm on a regular basis and wanted a keyboard that wouldn't slow me down. I had a logitech keyboard that lasted me from 2006-2017 and I was hoping to find an equivalent replacement for it, but it seems logitech has significantly dropped in quality and all of the keyboards now have weird texture on them that made my skin crawl just using them. The texture combined with the odd keyboard spacing and gaps between keys justified their return. There was also random lags with the wireless software that were simply unacceptable when typing documents where spelling and grammar matter.

Eventually I figured I'd be better off looking for a slim profile keyboard that allows for very quick typing and keys that don't require much travel in order to register a keypress. I hold Anker in high regard as they seem to put out quality, reliable peripherals and haven't yet gone the cheap Chinese route like Logitech apparently did. When I saw this keyboard, I figured I've give it a shot, even though it has very few reviews.

I am happy thus far, but I just received it today. If my opinion of this keyboard turns negative, I'll update this review. Otherwise you can assume I am happy with it.

-Very slim profile
-Keys require very little pressure to register a keypress
-USB rechargeable, batteries are not replaceable
-Full size keyboard, keys are spaced appropriately
-Arrow keys are smaller than normal, this may matter to some folks
Justin Jose
April 22, 2018
This is an AWESOME Keyboard with an even more better seller. The reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the one function I dislike about it, that there is no 'Ctrl' key on the right side of the space bar, instead there is a 'Win' Key. All the standard keyboards usually have 'Ctrl' function key and I do not understand why they went out of standard positioning of this.
I waited couple of weeks to post the review as I wanted to test it out before posting a review.
I am an engineer who spends 8 hours(work) and the other hours on the computer for entertainment. I have extensively used this keyboard and am extremely happy about the keyboard. Great performance and long lasting battery life.
Pros: The Seller/Manufacturer cares a lot about this product and hence sent a Keyboard protection cover included in the price along with the Keyboard. That talks a lot about how much they care about the product. The battery on both the Keyboard and mouse lasts more than a week and i haven't really pushed it to 2 weeks and hence don't know for certain how much long it will last on one full charge. I was able to easily plug my cell phone charging cable directly to the keyboard/mouse and charge it up while working and this charged it up quickly thus resulting in no work delay. Keyboard is very soft and less noisy compared to others and even with my fat fingers, i have no trouble with typing. I personally removed the keyboard protection cover as I felt that it slowed me down with my typing and was more easier for typing faster without the rubber slowing me down. This product has lasted with my rough use since the past month and is still going strong. I really recommend this product to anyone and it because it's smaller than the usual keyboard, it easily fits into my laptop case and this being thin and sleek, it's easy to carry it anywhere. This product really looks cool with the mouse and the keyboard layout. I'm impressed with their design.
Cons(Things I wish they would make changes in design/features to):
* The mouse when not used for a while, has to be clicked to be able to use, otherwise, it will not simply activate upon moving. They should rather just use some kind of movement sensor to reactivate mouse instead of the click feature.
* 'Ctrl' button missing and instead it is the 'WIN' button on the right of the spacebar. I dislike this as it is more feasible for me to sometimes use the Ctrl+Alt+del with just my left hand or right hand single handedly when my other hand is occupied. I wish they would change the feature to 'Ctrl' instead of 'Win" on the right of the spacebar key next to Alt key.
* Home, PgUp, End, PgDn keys are only usable if the NumLK is OFF. That is an incovenient feature and would have preferred if that was rather put on top of the F9 to F12 Keys or simply above the Numlk/Number keypad instead of the others. Or even having them as FN keys on the arron buttons would have helped. This comes really handy when doing documents/powerpoints, word or other documents.

Update(April 25th):
Anker's customer service is exemplary. They were willing to provide me a refund or do whatever it takes to make sure I was satisfied with my product. To me that says everything about their excellent customer service. Keep it up guys. They have even agreed to provide my feedback to the design team and I like that they are willing to consider it.

For your great customer service and awesome product, I upgraded my review to 5 stars
P. K. Penta
February 21, 2018
Love it! Exactly what I was looking for. The silicon protector was a huge plus. I have long nails and when I'm typing sometimes my nails cause me to slip and accidentally press the wrong key. The silicon provides a little more grip during key strokes. It also makes the keyboard even more quiet. Mouse click are also very soft and quiet. The slim profile is great because I need desk space for books and writing. Also happy that it came with the 10 key because many quiet slim keyboards don't have this feature. I bought this keyboard along with the Microsoft Wireless desktop 900 and the Logitech MK345. The logitech keyboard was very loud compared to the anker. Microsoft keyboard was about the same volume as the anker but had a larger footprint. Almost kept the Microsoft but the mouse that came with it felt cheap and light. Both the logitech and microsoft were very comfortable to type on but I was looking for a combo that was quiet and small therefore the Anker won.

Cons: Mouse is not ergonomic so I have noticed a little wrist pain. Might not be a problem for others.

Haven't had it long enough to test how long the battery last. But I've been using it for 5 days for a duration of approx 6 hours or more a day. So far no lag or loss in battery power. I also have not turned it off been leaving it on and having it go into sleep mode
Mike Williams
August 7, 2018
I did not know that this keyboard had multi-function F-keys until I went to use it at work with our application that requires frequent F-key usage. A coworker showed me that I must hit the Fn key and the F-key I wanted where I would only hit the F -key before, this seemed stupid to me and slowed me down tremendously. I emailed Anker and asked if there was a way to lock the Fn key so I would not have to hit it each time. Long story, short they told me no and as I was going to find another keyboard I decided to google the problem, within seconds I found that you can lock the Fn key by hitting the Fn key and the Esc key simultaneously - life changer. I always liked Anker products and this was the first time I questioned their value, lucky for me, Google saved the day.

The keyboard is a tad smaller than I am use to but the quality feel of the keyboard and especially the mouse is incredible. A simple yet effective product that I spend more time using than almost any other device.

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