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  • Levo Platforms are interchangeable on our Levo G2 stands.
  • This platform holds hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks, manuals, etc.
  • If you own one of our LEVO G2 stands (compatible only with LEVO G2), you can add this book platform to hold your books.
  • Compatible only with LEVO G2 (item#s 33768, 33778, 33764, 33704, etc.) If you own our original LEVO (item# 33478), and would like a Book Platform, you need item# 33601

Add this LEVO Book Platform Kit to Your LEVO G2 Tablet Stand to Hold Books, Magazines, Textbooks, Manuals, or Cookbooks
LEVO Platforms are interchangeable on our LEVO stands. This platform holds all types of books such as paperbacks, hardcovers, magazines, textbooks, and cookbooks.

Its black color is compatible with both LEVO G2 colors: Gunmetal, and Natural Aluminum.

Compatible only with LEVO G2 (item#s 33768, 33778, 33764, 33704, etc.)
If you own our original LEVO (item# 33478), and would like a Book Platform, you need item# 33601

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March 1, 2014
I LOVE the Levo bookholders. I have both the older version and the new G2 and for both of them, I have the tablet holder and the bookholder. I have one always in the bedroom for night reading and another in my office.

I have severe stenosis in my cervical vertebrae and cannot look down to read a book. These holders are a God-send!

What I love:
*The heavy base is nice and steady; I don't worry about it tipping
*The arm flexibility of the unit's configuration is fantastic, I can read lying down flat in bed (tablet), seated (either tablet or book), and in-between.
*The unit may be adjusted for height as well as for many directions of the arm and of the platform.
*The book holder is capable of holding some weighty books nicely (and the Tablet holder also feels secure)
*The book holder holds the book by its cover, and keeps the pages open by its arms
*Works well for magazines as well as many sizes of books
*Also supports the Levo LED light

Room for Improvement:
*The balls on the page holders may mar a page if you drag it across

In addition, the customer service has been great. Delivery was good and when my second unit came with a damaged part, they immediately sent out a replacement (and also expressed gratitude that I didn't ship the whole heavy thing back!).

If you enjoy reading, but have difficulty holding a book, have a neck disability like me, or simply want a better, more ergonomic way to read a book, magazine or your tablet, I HIGHLY recommend the Levo G2.
August 27, 2014
I enjoy using the book platform attachment for the LEVO stand. However, it really can't handle large, or even moderately sized books. The tension mechanism controlling the forward/backward rotation of the platform is overwhelmed by the weight of the book. So book positioning is lost.
Richard R. Purdy
January 25, 2016
As excellent as is their stand and holder for my iPad, this is equally as terrible. First, it is difficult to assemble without a vice to hold it upright. Second, it is difficult to put on the stand with a book in it, just as bad trying to put the book in after the unit is on the stand. Third, when a book is mounted securely, the unit is prone to harm the binding of the book. Fourth, trying to turn pages without tearing them is both difficult and extraordinarily cumbersome. I can't imagine someone who is disabled using it at all. In sum, your basic nightmare. I plan on returning it for a refund.
Gibson G. Cates
October 18, 2015
This is an absolutely fabulous product. I have neck issues (had a multiple-level cervical spinal fusion a few months ago), and looking down at a book I'm reading is very uncomfortable. This product allows me to read lying flat on my back - without pain!!! I highly recommend this book stand for anyone who has issues related to posture.
December 4, 2015
Sturdy and nice I will be using this for many years to come. It is more pricey than others but you get what you pay for this thing is heavy and will never tip over like other ones

Follow up --- they have great customer service! One of the book holder piece broke and within a day or two they sent a replacement out no questions asked. You get what you paid for customer service and quality of service is beyond awesome!
December 22, 2017
I really do enjoy this book holder. Allows me to read in bed or just about any position.
The bookholder can hold some fairly heavy and large books.
So far it handles the For Dummies series books I've been reading without problems.

When I initially received the kit in December it was missing the the page holder parts.
I messaged the seller and they were prompt and courteous in overnighting the needed parts free of charge.

Initial annoyance, but overall pleased with the product and customer care.
Amazon Customer
September 24, 2014
Completes the stand. The stand originally comes with a platform that is for any size tablet. And works very nice. But it is only good for a tablet. So if you want to use the stand for a real book, or a magazine you need the book platform kit.

And it works great.
C. Jones
August 27, 2016
This *would* be absolutely perfect were it not for the difficulty I have getting the tablet accessory off the clamp--not arthritis-friendly.

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